Monday, June 04, 2007

A collection of pictures that may or may not be appreciated by all .... no animals were lost in the making of this post... some were relocated.... and some moved on....

Let's start with the first BBQ of the season...
Hmm... what is that puff ball on the coals?

What's this... the ball is moving!

Oh... a mouse house! Let's relocate them to a box... outside the bbq and then adopt them ... (well let's not get carried away)

Okay... let's have a count of heads or feet.... they seem to be packed in like sardines here !!

Psst..... Phoebe.... what do you think little girl.... are you going to be able to handle your job here in the years ahead??

Okay .... so Mom is under the burner rather than on top.... gets hot under there too!! Talk about being in a hot spot.... a cat above you and a flame below!!

Guess maybe we should move out!!
Hey Mickey.... let's get out of here!

And what do you expect me to do... once these guys get bigger and want to move in where it is warm for the winter??

I think I like my ladder and my loft!! It is quiet and mouse free!

Dad has done very well since his surgery in February... more recently he decided to try a retirement residence in town.

As of this picture we were in the process of moving him into his new residence. It was not that he really wanted to leave his house... but it is lonely and difficult to be making meals and eating alone day after day... when you are 87 years of age!

Here is a shot of the new sitting room that seemed rather small to start with but now has become quite a cozy and comfortable room.
Looking a little cold... we were getting things in place... and before long... with some lights being hung... and pictures being hung... the room started to take on a lived in... and warmer spot to settle into.

The same place ... a couple weeks later... once the Internet, tv and telephone were connected and he was feeling much better about his new place.

The big hanging light is a treasure that he built a few years ago. Lots of stained glass in it...! The real thing!

A new connection and new address.... but at least the email... stays the same!
Well... almost the same... and while a few "computer challenges" arise... he has quite a few friends that will come along and help when required.

The birds were quiet pets... so they were allowed to come to Pathway's.
Eddy of course moved to live with Phoebe and is hoping that we will all be back in the north real soon!

The furniture from the house fit into the room like it was made for it!! It was a tough decision ... but in retrospect I believe the right one for him at this time.

The girls of course were hung on the wall... right away.. and the furniture placed... to allow for comfort and convenience.

Once Dad moved into his new place he meet his new neighbour who had a four wheeled scooter .... he was impressed with her ability to get around town on her own... and so the search began for a new set of wheels. (quite honestly ... I am glad to see him trade the two wheeler in for a four wheeler!)

So once we all had a turn on this little machine ... we let him park it by his door and went in for a visit!
Some of us... of course had a better excuse for using a scooter... what does mobility mean to someone with a broken ankle!!

No ... you can't take it with us!!

It is Dad's scooter!

Well I better move to the next subject!!

Okay, we are going to try and make a few different posts tonight. For some time now we have been gathering pictures ... but with little time and access to load... they have not appeared. Phoebe is just making her -self at home in Bruce and Oshawa. Of course brother Eddy is really more at home while in Bruce but does come along ... almost willingly to Oshawa! Eddy is a little camera shy tho.... so not nearly so many picture of him!

With a little round spot in the sun... one can get comfortable and just fall asleep in any area!
Lest you think that all she does is sleep... I will have to try and capture here sprinting from the bedroom to the sun room through the kitchen and over the ladder, under the table and around the island twice... in a few seconds! The eyes are focused and the paws move so quickly....

Dad likes to have her come sit with him.... and she does do that when the urge occurs!!
Eddy was riding back with me to Oshawa for the first time a few weeks ago.... he was coming home with me since Dad moved into Pathway's Retirement Residence.
More on that later....
But for now... the humiliation is that he (Eddy) gets to share his dish with Phoebe... she knows enough to stay out of the bowl when he is chewing... but she does press her luck a little at times!
Of course this is a scene that would never have taken place with Cooper...