Monday, August 10, 2009

Sam in the woods.... seems like the woods are all around us here in Canada!

No... he is not fishing... but frogging! Lot's of life to observe in a dip net and a pond. Amazing the little bugs, creatures and crawly things one can find!

So why does it fly Poppa?? .... Ben it just seems to do that since it is a helicopter....! Why...?

We just have to wait for the frogs to come back!! Why... well Ben, they saw us coming and they dove for cover.... Why, because they didn't want us to step on them.... Why!??
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Nice day for a drive to Canada!! But one should always stop at Cabella's for a few minutes when in the area. Look up boys... those are friendly big bears.... are they not?!?!?

Wonder why Sam's mind was playing tricks with him.... seems like he would always hear a bear in the woods! At least he knew his mind was playing tricks on him.

Yes Luke .... that is a leopard in the tree.... beside the rhinoscer... rus...sus....
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