Saturday, August 09, 2008

So when Auntie Heidi takes the boys to the parade... they are serious about gathering candy. Ben looked after his little satchel all night long! Nobody was to mess with that bag. He was one of the more serious parade watchers in Desbarats!

We are not in on the conversation around these two pics...and we are not sure whether it is Mom's comments or Grandma's ... that draw the second "look" out of the two models!! Luke & Heidi were obviously both impressed by something!!

Do you really need words to go with 2 boys and a pond!! I think not !

Not all visitors are quite so bold... like these two. They will suddenly appear in the pond... and just as quickly they move silently off into the cover of the trees. They do seem to enjoy the vegetation in the pond and with those long legs they seem to be able to move in and out of the water with ease! - and speed if required!

So ... what do you do with a bag of dirt... well if you are a bear... you might move it around the yard and get your paws all dirty!!

Then you might come up on the deck and check out all the windows... with muddy paws... so people can see where you have been!!

These were the paw prints left by our latest black bear visitor!
It was Eddie who sounded the alarm as the screen rip on our bedroom window! This guy is getting a little toooo familiar!!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

So this guys big brother came back the other night.... left foot prints on all the windows... and ripped the screen on the bedroom window!! Eddie made a big fuss about 5 am and he left the window and wandered off the deck!! No pictures... too dark!!

The other visitor was the calf and cow moose ... Mom is not very far awa and you can just see he shoulder on the right!!