Thursday, September 27, 2007

Will it fit???

Well of course it will .... 'cuz Len measured it first!!! Not driving that far to find we are 2 feet short!

Some nice views along the way....

And there was "along the way" for 3400 kilometers!! Here is Len's turn...

Now it's Ron's turn....

Now it's Ron's turn with the BIG horn!! It was great!!! They get the idea when you pull this little rope!

Here it is... the dream has landed in the new shop... although about this time the only dreams these two had .... looked much like a bed that did not move.... or sound like a diesel....

One more things to do.... clean out the rig before it goes back to the rental shop

Len, leaving to take the big rig back home... and let us come down in the world and ride at the regular height along the highway.... what a let down!! Maybe I should buy a big rig ... when I retire!!

This would do....

So for a weekend drive .... why not head to Atlanta, Georgia? Well, maybe 'cuz it is a long drive.... and there are some unexpected barriers to get past before you arrive.

And what would you do when you get there.... You would go to Ann's Clark's place! She lives in a quiet community and just happen's to have an airplane in her basement. Well, there is more to the story... as there usually is....

This is Ann's driveway.... and who would that be standing there looking like he wants me to follow him down the driveway with the Freightliner??

If you think is might be Len... you would be right!!
And he does want me to park the truck down there!!

No problem... it is only 26ft!! but diesel powered, power steering, automatic, air conditioned, cruise control, and CD player!! Oh yes... and one air ride seat!! For the driver... the other one... for the rider... well a little firm on the butt!

Why were we here.... well we were here to move a dream from one workshop to another one!

Ann's husband Glen, had a dream... he wanted to build an airplane. After building a shop in his home he began the task... it is a time consuming task that one must really be committed to!
Unfortunately, Glen passed away before he was able to complete the task.
Now the batton... and the airplane... has been passed along to Len... to complete. Our journey to Georgia was a good experience.... we met a very nice lady, who placed her husband's dream into our hands. She watched with interest as we loaded the aircraft into the truck, secured it and prepared to transport the dream to a new shop, in a new country under new the management of a new dreamer!