Monday, January 08, 2007

Welcome to our home... with a little snow, at least for a day or two it began to look like Christmas... even though the days were just too good to be true!

Heidi was home from Honduras and Matt & Naomi were coming from Gurnee, Il. There was a new addition to meet this year.... Phoebe! She made here way into our home and hearts with little effort and soon was the centre of attention for many hours through the holidays!

She traveled well and ended both the journey up and back in the same position... pictured here on the right!! Phoebe fits nicely into the bend in your arm! While she rode most of the way in here crate... a little reprieve at the end of the journey gave her a little

Of course it would not be right to have Heidi home without putting her to work!! The only problem is that she likes running the backhoe as much as I do!! That meant I had to be the supervisor and stand around and tell her where to dig (not to worry ... no cable or pipelines down at the pond!).

Even Sam got to "make a rock" ... translation... he was able to move a big rock! Dressed ready to work too!

Our neighbours were able to join us for New Year's Eve ... the night may have been quiet by many standards... but most enjoyable ! Nick and Jen with Connor on the ladder... and Mark & Susan. When you are not jammed in like sardines in a can .... neighbours become more important and certainly play a more significant role in rural life.

Family also joined us ... Marlise and Dan decided to come north for a few days of R&R.... although Dan and I walked extensively through the bush... looking for rabbits.... we did not get any .... but we did have a good time!

With very little opportunity to enjoy our own skating rink .... we did manage to make use of the pond for one skating party!! The ice was good... smooth and thick enough to be comfortable!

Of course a little firewood and more clean-up is always a potential activity!! Next year ... more of the crew will be recruited for this portion of the effort! This year I think we were all in shock that we could still get the trailer and four-wheeler into the bush.... let alone cut, split and haul it out!!

And we could not forget Baby Ben.... the boy is just a growing concern!! He takes his meals very seriously and packs away a good lunch before spreading the rest of it through his hair and over the floor!

Grandpa George brought Eddy down for a couple days to meet Phoebe ... I am amazed that this little 8 week old kitten can hiss .... hunch up her back and generally put the run on an eight year old dog!! By the end of the few days they did manage to touch noses and acknowledge each other without any growls or hisses!!

With visits from family and visits to friends.... the days went by very quickly and here we are into the New Year 2007! Wow! Where has the time gone? I think Phoebe has the best spot in the house.... she watches the movement and yet stays well sheltered in her new little bed ... curtesy Grandpa George!