Friday, November 03, 2006

So when the snow began flying here in Detroit today... and I was on my way to see Detective Palmer.... I started having flashbacks... to the summertime...

I am glad we have pictures to remind us of things past... 'cuz it now seems like such a long time ago that these photos were taken! Yes, Heidi was in Canada for a while this summer... at least we had some pictures... Naomi, Matt and the boys were in Canada for a short time...

And what would it take to keep that smile goin' .... probably a little cedar smoke with a few chunks of salmon on them!!

After a good meal ...

...well a beautiful sunset just caps the night!

With more memories than time or space I will have to say g'nite!

Monday, October 30, 2006

So ... after writing a great story and trying to post all these pictures... I lost it! For the second time... here are the pictures from a great couple weekends spent with my daughter, her husband and our grandchildren. With many pictures to choose from and oh so many thoughts and comments to share... I need to get these posted and may come back to fill in any blanks!!

Ben is just a delightful little guy to be with. Not only does he go for a nap willingly... he wakes up happy and ready to go!

and go we did... Poppa provided a little babysitting service Saturday while Matt prepared a sermon and Naomi looked after folks at work. Part of the day was spent at the Fun Fair at church... lots to do and see... even a little lamb riding the fire engine! (note... Sam says it is not a fire truck... it is a fire engine!)

Sam was not so sure about riding the horses or ponies until Mom showed up and trotted along side... then we had a couple of turns... with smiles!

A tour of the ambulance...

...followed by more animals...

and then ... the next day a trip to the playground.

Just watch out for the "new... safe slides .... no steel in sight ... but what a shock if you reach out to catch the slider!!! KaBoooom! Ouch!!

So one little soldier just likes to sit at the bottom of the slide... I know there must be something of interest in those soft chips!

A short ride on the motorcycle could be exhausting... unless you are a relaxed rider like Sam!

Ben and Poppa found a comfortable swing ... big enough for Poppa... and Ben!

So... what happens with cool fresh air.... and a gentle swinging motion...

That's right ... a power nap!

Of course Poppa enjoyed this as much as Ben! And as usual... he woke up in time to head off shopping to Trader Joe's for food!

With a little work... Sam tried a new hair colour and length...

A little frog ... quiet ... but bright eyed and full of fun...

a lamb, and a Daddy with hair.... Hmmmm... shiny is not so bad!!!

Riding the ponies was just plain fun once you got used to it!

Of course life as a little lamb is not all fun... especially a two year old lamb! So many things to learn and to share with a little brother!

But Mom and Dad are there to help... and things seem to be going well for both the little frog and our little lamb!

So with Halloween coming up the Church Matt & Naomi attend had a Fall Fun Fair for the kids. Of course costumes were in order for the boys... the lamb and the frog were great little companions for the day... of course most of the pictures were of the lamb... since the frog was riding on Poppa's back!
What would any day at the petting zoo be if the lamb did not feed the sheep? With some initial reluctance ... Sam did offer the food to the sheep and the goats. He was a little shy about the animals... at least on Saturday. When we arrived back in the parking lot on Sunday.... he was ready to feed and ride the horses again... Did I say ride the horses... or ponies as the case might be? I did indeed. With Mom trotting beside Sam was willing to stay in the saddle for a short walk around the turnstyle! He even went back for a second trip! As long as he didn't have to ride the big horse!!
And what happens when the fire department arrives at a fun fair? Well you get to see all the equipment and of course you might even get to sit on a bumper!

So once Mom finished her day at work... she arrived at the Fun Fair to walk the lot with Sam. Both appeared to have a good time at the event!