Thursday, November 19, 2009

Testing one, two, Tree!
So close but no damage!! I knew it would be close... but it was closer than I expected. Not much more than 2 feet clearance when it comes to rest on the ground!

As the trunk shows... it twisted a little coming off the base... but the hinge held and kept the trunk from taking out the outhouse!!

Could be a commercial.... but it is just the new saw after taking down the little tree out back.

Video of the tree to come...
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So, when you get two chainsaw guys working in the bush... you can do great things!

Here is a little practise for the "new" guy on the saw. Not everyday you get to take down a tree this size, and not be worried too much where it goes!!

Saddly, the big burl on the tree was peppered with fungi.... so it is probably already starting to deteriorate inside! Maybe it is good .... we will check!

The tree is down, and things are still standing!
More to come.... one more little tree to take down!
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Welcome to the lake.... in November! On a clear, cold morning this week we made a visit to the bush! It was great.

The dock was decorated with frost.... amazing frost!

Just look at the length of this stuff... and it stayed for most of the day.

More pics to follow... of the logging day!
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