Thursday, February 14, 2008

You know I am STUCK here in this contraption.... I would rather be out with my brothers!!!

Well if you don't get me out... I might just cry!! Do you get my point!

Really ... I mean it ... I will cry ....

Funny... that didn't work with my Mom either!!!

I could just be serious...

or maybe just a little grin...

... but then again.... smiles just seem to work so much better !!!

Luke was just enjoying the new stroller ... it is a very nice thing to push through the mall, or over the grass.... and maybe... just maybe... we will have to find a way to hitch it to the four wheeler!! ... Just maybe!!
Luke and I did chat about that... we will most likely have a positive response from Ben, and Sam.... it is Mom we are somewhat concerned about!!
After my arrival... the snow arrived .... and did it arrive !! Lot's of it!!
First order... let's play in the snow... and Mom was home and Poppa kept an eye and ear on Luke... so Ben, Sam and Mom could play outside!! 3 Hours almost ... the all seemed to have fun!!
Ben was not opposed to get his face right into the snow!!

And with some help from the neighbour kids .... a snowman arose !! They all look rather pleased with the effort !!

Poppa's new winter boots offered some entertainment as they tried them out inside!!

Then our little scientist thought he should have a closer look at things...

One can never learn to be safety conscious too young!!

Brother Sam.... could you have a look also??

Well it just wouldn't be right to go much further without some pictures of the grandsons now would it??? After having sometime to go visit them a week or so ago... I thought it was time for some pics from the visit.

This was Luke on Day 2 ... the first night there he was a little unsure about this ole' Poppa ... by the second day though .... we were once again friends and all was well .... at least most of the time!

Ben of course is the people guy... and we were back on track in no time at all. All one needs to do is mention food and Ben will saddle up his chair and be looking for the goods!

Sam is our high energy guy .... and was being very creative and was having fun "swimming" in the foam packing that brought Christmas and birthday gifts.

Of course the aftermath.... took three of us to clean up!! and much more time than it took to create the "pond" . But Mommy .... the water is sticking to me.... yes Sam .... that is static.... oh... Can Ben come in too?? Uh, No!!

Ben is working on his own style ... with a cupcake from his birthday party.

Yes there is a grin behind that hand.... this little guy is full of them... grins that is... cupcakes too... but mostly grins!

Luke ... on the other hand... keeps his grins for just the right moment!!

Big brother Ben ... loves to sit with his brother and help him... not all the help is appreciated by little brother but most of it is... and Ben has proven himself a good and gentle helper!

Monday, February 11, 2008

So after pulling and pulling and pulling on a very cold snowblower, I did actually think about rolling it into the room with the woodstove to warm it up... it was very cold and I can only imagine the viscosity of the oil was somewhat "thicker" than usual! But it did go ... and the driveway was cleared and I headed out to Sault Ste Marie... to start all over again ...

Even in the rear view mirror ... it is a pretty place to be... summer, fall, winter and spring!!
Seems that the Sault got snow also!! So once again the blower was chilled from a ride in an open truck ...

But if you think that the blower had a cold ride, how about this guy... riding a few feet in the air... down Highway 17...
that's right... hwy 17.. the trans canada.... It made me shiver just watching him driving the team from on high!! Never mind the fact that he didn't have his seat belt on!!
But he made it to the sideroad.... and was riding tall in the pallets the last I saw him!

What do you get when you open a black bag ... full of legs?? An Instant Bench!!! What else would it be!?? Thanks to Grandpa George the pond skaters and the pontoon boat riders... will have a bench to sit on that is not cold... and will move easily to a new location...

The first few picture need little comment... the snows came, the winds blew, and I cleaned the driveway a couple more times...

But there was a clear day... almost warm ... and the snow was sticky... and seemed to like Eddie's feet! The eyes say it all... put away the doggone camera and get these balls off my legs!!!

But the trees were loaded with snow and today when the sun came out... , although it was cold, it was absolutely beautiful!!