Monday, November 13, 2006

Flashbacks are often thought of in a negative context... in this case however, the flashbacks are those generated when old pictures are revisited and they spark memories from the past ... good or bad! The opening picture was a poster I used to have on my wall... you can look into it and fall into the depths... especially when the blacklight used to create a glow in the room!
I expect that most of the next few pictures have generated more of a "flashback" for me...but that's okay...I'll find more to generate flashback for the rest of you over the next few days!!

Perhaps I could just insert this picture for the "profile"!!

Now for those of you who are younger... this is before car seats were such a hit. Father's arms were the primary restraint ... and do you remember sitting on the fold down seat in the middle of the rear seat... it was really an arm rest ... but it worked well and gave me a little better view out the windows!

A boy and his dog were two things that just were not meant to be separated! The trail should be familiar for some... it is at the bottom of the hill before the lake.

With the chainsaw in background we had to take a little time for some affection... then we could help with the wood cutting ... well at least piling it then!

Of course there was always time for a little fun in the water...of course the highlight that you cannot see here was a little can of powder that was kept in the pouch on the side of the rescue boat...when sprinkled in the lake the reddish powder turned a bright green and was intended as a signal for help.

At one time the woodshed was new... seems like the elements have aged the structure somewhat now...but it did look good then!

And last but certainly not least ... the family portrait in front of the cabin... shortly after it had been moved up the hill.
Heidi please note the hammock trees in the background... the clothes line and Naomi... where did those guys put the deck? I knew something was missing?