Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in Ohio.
Green grass, walking with the boys and watching the motorcycles, scooters and assorted other forms of wheeled entertainment... all are a part of the Christmas season in Ohio this year. With Dad no longer in SSM, the need to be in the north for the holidays was replaced with a need to be with Matt, Naomi and the boys.

There will be pictures to post, and more storied to write, but for now, the saga will continue here with sunny days and walks with the super stroller!

Don't be too discouraged about the weather, this shot was taken on Labour Day weekend, not this past week!! Although, when it hit 60F it felt like this day all over!

And why put this shot in... just 'cuz it is from the lake, and I like the colour and smooth lines on the water! No hidden meanings, nothing more complicated than .... I like it!