Thursday, May 08, 2008

We spent the day driving to the farm... wandering around .... and watching the water flow out the drain... it was making a neat water fan that was fun to watch.

The fan would move.... but it looked amazing as it just kept splashing off the rocks.

Dad enjoyed the time with Eddie, although Eddie still is not keen about cameras!! Oh well!
Well , even though the weather remains cool.... the flowers are blooming and in fact the wild flower garden in the back of Dad's house has trillium's, tulips, blue bells.... and a multitude of other colourful flowers.

The good news... the house has been sold... the down side is of course that Dad's retreat centre will be gone.... not an easy thing to do... 'cuz it signals a new era!!

We spent a day down at the farm... with Dad being able to wander around and check out the pond.... I think he enjoyed the day.

Of course Eddie was around... but was not keen on having his picture taken!!
A good day was had be all.