Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I have been thinking about a creature other words some pics from north that showcase a few of the creatures that exist up there. Some need no introduction...others may require explanation!!

A fight to the death......looks like it was a hollow battle!

From butterflys to squirrels the life cycle does not stop... or offer a free pass.
One summer brought thousands of little green bugs... they were everywhere! At first they seemed harmless but eventually they would bite..

So being in a hotel room for days at a time... seems to work okay for bloging. I should be carving or probably working... But I am struggling to concentrate on cost analysis when I have pictures like these at my finger tips.

The other morning I looked out at the pond and it was like glass. I thought I should go and take pictures....

and then I opened the door... closed the door and threw another log in the stove!!

The next day, however, when I saw the pond glassy once again... I thought I cannot miss this two days in a row... so I grabbed a sweat shirt and went for a walk!

Right side up... or upside down? Which will it be!

You may be surprised with this one!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

With a slight fog hanging over the pond in the early morning it creates an erie view that one just nevers gets tired of seeing.

Up at the house, a table made of cedar logs has the grain highlighted by the frost. Beauty is all around us and it demonstrates what has become known as intelligent design. It used to be called God's Creation...

In the midst of the scenery... always must come the man-made patterns. While they are neat... they just don't match that of the Creator.

Not only a maple leaf but grass and frost. Each morning bringing a new scene to the ground. We can only view in amazement as take a closer look around us. Take away the city lights and the houses right next door and you have a retreat center that will make you think about something more than just yourself.

Monday, October 16, 2006

With a visit north this time of year the warm days, colourful leaves and the smell of autumn in the air make the region a great place for relaxin'

The colours from last fall, as shown in these pictures were much more brilliant than this year. The leaves still had a bit of colour but not the brilliance of the previous year.

The temperature was great for the weekend and then the cold front hit the north. It took a couple days to wind up and then the snow began to fall... and fall... and fall!

In the middle of the night a quick shot from the back door reveals snow flurries that just kept coming down through the night.

The poplar trees are very flexible when they are evidence in the three trees that are actually bent over the drainage ditch and resting on the ground under the weight of the wet snow.

Just a winter wonderland appeared overnight...

With leaves still on the trees the snow load was just too much for many of them. The power went out about 2am and was not restored until about 3pm that afternoon. Good thing for wood stoves!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

After a long night of driving... Actually not as long as expected... a tractor arrived in Bruce Mines Ont.

So with some sleep under our belt the next challenge was to unload this machine and then try it out!

With a little practice the unit becomes less intimidating... but it does still amaze me how operators can smooth the ground and make the bucket go right where they want it to.

Then of course everyone wants to try it out. The fun part is knowing that they are going through the same coordination challenges I am!! Woops.... which way is it supposed to go!

With the Thanksgiving weekend in full swing we had Mary-Ann & David staying in the country with us. It was fun having them here and the weekend flew past. With moonlit nights and chiminea fires to warm the evening the days and nights of the weekend went by all too quickly.

There was time however for Myles the cat to settle in....

With plenty of food to munch on... Stewart and Angie Clark joined us for dinner. Stewart works with David and was enjoying the north on Taylor street for the Weekend. It was a fun having them join us for the day. And Stewart got to try the back-hoe also!! But I don't have his picture!

With a full belly... a rest was a must!!