Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The beauty of the lily is amazing. These flowers somehow find their way up from the bottom of the lake... and float along the shore for all to see.

Okay, Ben, let's go for a little ride... maybe we can drag a line along while we ride ....

Well, on the other hand... maybe it is more fun to make waves ... and then run over them .... and then make more waves... and make more waves!!

Well after being on the water for a while... one just has to have a little snooze! With a little insulation on his legs ... Ben didn't bother getting out of the lake for a nap... Sam on the other hand was shivering, and shaking... but didn't want to get out of the water either!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

In no particular order... the pictures come from a week with the grandchildren, children and the son-in-law. The good news is that we all survived and Daddy only had to be asked if he needed a nap once!! Seems that the pool on the bridge was a hit... maybe not so much as the lake... but a decent way to cool off. And oh by the way... the lake water was much warmer than the well water!

Grandma successfully lulled baby Luke into lala land... much to everyone delight!

Picture time Poppa!! Okay hit it quick 'cuz this might not last too long!

Okay .... everyone smile! --- oh you mean all at once!!

Heidi.... you on the phone? Again or still!!

After 15 years of work maintaining a loon island... Uncle Bob was successful in having a pair of loons nest on it and produce 2 baby loons. Pictures will follow somewhere.... but right now ... who knows where they are.

One more good reason to move north... my last trip across 401 was slowed a little by this event!!

Of course Great Grandpa George had to take the boys for a ride on the scooter.... it was obviously a big hit!!

with anyone who could drive it and take boys with busy hands for a ride!! What does this button do Poppa... and this one ... and this one.... why!

So Mom and Luke had a little cabin on their own.... oh so quiet and ... ooops maybe Daddy and the boys had their own cabin.... not quite a tent but... those hard walls and solid roof are hard to complain about in any kind of weather.

And this little guy keep climbing the door of the house... right up the window ... those are little suction cups on his feet... he was at a frog's buffet when the lights came on and the bugs came to the white light!!

Well there will be more pictures to come... but for now... that's all!