Wednesday, January 21, 2009

With a day to put in before Anna comes home from the hospital, Poppa gets a workout with the boys!

Must have played hard, because Ben had a great nap in the afternoon... nothing bothering him.

Then the star of the show appeared and everyone wanted to hold her, kiss her, and read her books!

A little time for everyone to see, hear, touch and generally begin the effort to add one more little being to the pack.

Then comes time for Poppa to hold her. What a fun thing to do... only yesterday she was brandnew!! Today, she is just one of the boys... well not really, but she does look alot like them!
Don't tell them we said that.....

What more needs to be said?? The boys will look after her, or toughen her up, maybe both!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So, sometimes life just kinda grabs you around the neck.... and in this case that is a good thing!! Here she is, Anna Ruth... and she is not going to get away from Dr. Starck!!

It was an exciting day for the Smith's and the Buehrle's yesterday. Baby Anna Ruth was born at 5:16pm. She weighed in at 8lb.11oz and is 20 inches tall!

Naomi is doing just fine and they are expected home from hospital today if everything goes to plan!

The boys were very excited to meet their new sister!! They were, just a Poppa & Grandma, in awe of this new little life! What a treat to be able to share the time with them as Anna begins her new life with her brothers!
There will be more picture coming.... of that I am sure!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

So the excitement for today was the celebration of Ben's birthday.... candles, cake, pizza, and presents! Lot's of those.... including a sleeping bag back pack. Should be able to take that to the quinzhee for a nap!

With food, tattoo band-aids, and assorted treats in his new lunch bag Ben was off to see the rest of the celebration!

Meanwhile, Naomi just waits patiently for the baby to emerge!

Ben is somewhat concerned about the fact that McQueen, Miss Sally, Doc and Mater are having to hand on their sides for supper!

So... one more shot of the snowhouse ... the joint effort! Tomorrow will no doubt require much attention to the activities in the quinzhee!!

Well the grass is still green in Ohio.... at least the stuff that is growing on Santa's head !! In the house on the counter!!

While outside, the snow has arrived and with a little effort a quinzhee has appeared in the backyard of Matt and Naomi's house!

The boys were very excited about the potential to have naps, sleepovers, treats and a variety of other activities in the "tunnel" as Ben like to call it!