Monday, June 11, 2007

Hello Poppa... welcome to Gurnee!

Now who could have more fun with the box....??? Ben and Sam both enjoyed the packaging more than what was in the box.... of course the contents were actually for Mom & Dad ...

And talk about sitting at a table for food... Ben is a happy camper when there is food to be eaten! He seems to be generally a happy camper... but the smile does appear to get a little bigger when there is something to eat or when the glass is full of milk!

Oh Naomi.... is that you?? Why sure it is... but when you turn around....

oh my.... how did you get that basketball under your shirt?
Well, I guess you really are ready for number three to arrive... almost.... here is one fine little Mom!

And here is one fine little boy... making his strong man face... hard to do ... when the smile is just wanting to be there too!

Sam and Poppa went for a ride on the Milwaukee County Zoo Train. Poppa wanted the smokey engine.... Sam wanted the diesel .... Sam got the diesel!! But Poppa got some good pictures of the smokey one!!

We did have to wait in line.... and it was just our luck to land on the diesel train!! Sam was happy!!

Of course the real steam engine has a far better whistle!! and is so cool to listen as it starts up at the station! The engine is coal fired and the water tower is right beside the station!!

Sam was a little unsure about the goats... but little brother was terribly excited and wanted the attention from the goats as we made our way through the "domestic" section of the zoo...

Okay, so you want me in the car... I like rides.... let's go!!

Sam was enjoying his ride on the train.... probably his last free ride... since after three there is a small fee to ride! But actually, a very nice ride through the wilderness of the zoo.

Another shot along the way... the ride was long enough to be enjoyable and not so long that you are "waiting" for it to stop. In fact, Sam was ready to go around again!!!
Well, there will be more pics latter but this is a good start from a great weekend with the kids!!