Thursday, March 13, 2014

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Preparation for winter 2013-14
 The fall leaves signal the preparation for winter and this year the fall colour led directly into the white of winter and this year the snow has been persistent for what seems to be months!

Winter arrived early and has stayed white and cold!  
 Snowmachine trails through our back yard and the neighbours yard provide several kilometers of hiking trails for walking dogs, snow machining, or just walking!
The trails are packed and in great shape.
Let's see if we can generate a little renewed interest in posting here ....!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Testing one, two, Tree!
So close but no damage!! I knew it would be close... but it was closer than I expected. Not much more than 2 feet clearance when it comes to rest on the ground!

As the trunk shows... it twisted a little coming off the base... but the hinge held and kept the trunk from taking out the outhouse!!

Could be a commercial.... but it is just the new saw after taking down the little tree out back.

Video of the tree to come...
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So, when you get two chainsaw guys working in the bush... you can do great things!

Here is a little practise for the "new" guy on the saw. Not everyday you get to take down a tree this size, and not be worried too much where it goes!!

Saddly, the big burl on the tree was peppered with fungi.... so it is probably already starting to deteriorate inside! Maybe it is good .... we will check!

The tree is down, and things are still standing!
More to come.... one more little tree to take down!
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Welcome to the lake.... in November! On a clear, cold morning this week we made a visit to the bush! It was great.

The dock was decorated with frost.... amazing frost!

Just look at the length of this stuff... and it stayed for most of the day.

More pics to follow... of the logging day!
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

That is concentration... he is full of anticipation for this treat.... toasting marshmallows!

and here it is ... ready for the fire..... he toasts them a little like his Uncle David.... black!

and even Mom took time to try one of the toasted treats.... lot's of fun... smoke and good times!

Ben was less concerned about toasting... but serious about eating them!!
Of course Luke was very interested in these "special" treats also! .... I want some what Sam has!!

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Sam also seemed to like working with the "digger"!!

So did Ben....

He preferred the "digger" to the clay....

The sad part is that Luke helped me repair the cracks on the second day but no pictures to document his help!
He was just as interested and got his hands right into the clay for over two hours!!
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Just working with your hands can be so much fun... and even more so when there is soft smooth clay involved!

We smooth the clay on the frame, hoping to make a clay oven for baking bannock... but it was not to be.
The project was fun, and we made a good looking thing.... that lasted until the clay began to dry out and we could not keep up with the cracks!!

And what do you do when you have clay on your hands and your nose has an itch??? You TWITCH!!

Then it is back to the task at hand! Such fun working with Sam.... he really liked this one!
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Sam in the woods.... seems like the woods are all around us here in Canada!

No... he is not fishing... but frogging! Lot's of life to observe in a dip net and a pond. Amazing the little bugs, creatures and crawly things one can find!

So why does it fly Poppa?? .... Ben it just seems to do that since it is a helicopter....! Why...?

We just have to wait for the frogs to come back!! Why... well Ben, they saw us coming and they dove for cover.... Why, because they didn't want us to step on them.... Why!??
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Nice day for a drive to Canada!! But one should always stop at Cabella's for a few minutes when in the area. Look up boys... those are friendly big bears.... are they not?!?!?

Wonder why Sam's mind was playing tricks with him.... seems like he would always hear a bear in the woods! At least he knew his mind was playing tricks on him.

Yes Luke .... that is a leopard in the tree.... beside the rhinoscer... rus...sus....
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

So, how can you not love the morning as the fog slowly rises off the lake?

It seems hard to believe that it has been a year since I have been out there... the beauty is still there, even under the fog... and perhaps even more beautiful as you see the fog rising to give you a better view of the bluffs.

Morning on one side of the lake... and still snooze time on the other.... depending on which side of the decidous canopy to live!

The view from the edge .... still awesome!
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

With a day to put in before Anna comes home from the hospital, Poppa gets a workout with the boys!

Must have played hard, because Ben had a great nap in the afternoon... nothing bothering him.

Then the star of the show appeared and everyone wanted to hold her, kiss her, and read her books!

A little time for everyone to see, hear, touch and generally begin the effort to add one more little being to the pack.

Then comes time for Poppa to hold her. What a fun thing to do... only yesterday she was brandnew!! Today, she is just one of the boys... well not really, but she does look alot like them!
Don't tell them we said that.....

What more needs to be said?? The boys will look after her, or toughen her up, maybe both!!