Sunday, August 16, 2009

That is concentration... he is full of anticipation for this treat.... toasting marshmallows!

and here it is ... ready for the fire..... he toasts them a little like his Uncle David.... black!

and even Mom took time to try one of the toasted treats.... lot's of fun... smoke and good times!

Ben was less concerned about toasting... but serious about eating them!!
Of course Luke was very interested in these "special" treats also! .... I want some what Sam has!!

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Sam also seemed to like working with the "digger"!!

So did Ben....

He preferred the "digger" to the clay....

The sad part is that Luke helped me repair the cracks on the second day but no pictures to document his help!
He was just as interested and got his hands right into the clay for over two hours!!
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Just working with your hands can be so much fun... and even more so when there is soft smooth clay involved!

We smooth the clay on the frame, hoping to make a clay oven for baking bannock... but it was not to be.
The project was fun, and we made a good looking thing.... that lasted until the clay began to dry out and we could not keep up with the cracks!!

And what do you do when you have clay on your hands and your nose has an itch??? You TWITCH!!

Then it is back to the task at hand! Such fun working with Sam.... he really liked this one!
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