Monday, July 09, 2007

Let's start with the clamatus ... one flower is beautiful.... but wait until all the rest of the blooms begin to open... the northern flowers...

Not to be outdone.... this wild flower that will at this point remain unnamed was found on our beach at the lake... Solitary in it existence the flower survived the annual brush with the weed wacker!!

Of course a short tour of the lake ... did not include the Uncle Bob Island for loons... which for the first year is hosting a family with three eggs in the nest... apparently a 30 day gestation cycle ... so we should get to see some little loons on the lake this year.

The raw power of an old 6 horse johnson... is quite impressive... that is when it is the only motor left by thieves this year!
Of course when I looked at the picture of the motor .... below.... I saw all kinds of blemishes and marks that would have discouraged the casual thief.... little did they know that this old thing still runs!!

Anothe project on the go.... new landing at the bottom of the steps... still more work .... and more sand and more time!! One of these days I'll have the whole thing together ....