Wednesday, December 13, 2006

While most days feel dreary when having to leave Bruce Mines.... some days actually are!!! Yesterday was one of those days. The rain started during the night and continued through the day! With the pond at its liquid capacity....the ice I had great concerns about for skating .... all but disappeared under a new layer of water. The snow, which adds a fresh appearance... was disappearing quickly! As you can see in the next pictures... some taken on Taylor Street ... the winter is fading fast. The lake in front of David and Mary-Ann's place is mostly open water. Lots of ice chunks... but nothing to float on!

So for today it is back to the grind and hope that things soon freeze up and form a good skating surface for the Christmas vacation.
Fortunately the only water issues up north was a plugged eves trough .... and with a ladder, a stick, and a wet hand ... I managed to minimize my cold shower and remove the plug before it froze in place!