Saturday, March 17, 2007

Well sometimes things just don't work the way you expect them to... right now all the office chairs in the house are being used as transporters to and from other chairs and sitting spots!

Now this morning, March 17, St Patrick's Day.... and also Betty-Jean's birthday ... I was wondering what I should be getting for a birthday present.... over the past week I have been wondering .... thinking about things and then really not being able to make a decision.

This morning Betty-Jean handed the Lee Valley catalogue to me and suggested that this little garden cart could be a good thing for the house up north.... since rolling plastic wheels down the wooden floors would no doubt leave marks.... the wheels on this little machine would roll without difficulty and then become useful once this one-legged routine is completed.

So .... without delay I made it to LV and picked up a new set of wheels for her birthday.... worst comes to worst.... I'll have a new red seat for the tractor!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Okay... so what does this have to do with anything??? Well, many of you will note that there has not been much posting done over the past month. Many of you will know also that my father has been in hospital and has been through a significant surgery .... and has come through it very well!

While he was recovering from that.... and I was in the north with him... my wife decided that a slip on the ice would provide an interesting way to add to the story line for the Smith soap opera.

The last time we checked... three broken bones in an ankle pretty much covered the bases.... and does not leave anything for weight bearing...

SOOOoooo, that means I am now nursing another patient in the Shwa!!

So far both patients are coming along nicely... don't know which one will win the "congeniality" award!!

More news to follow and probably an update on Phoebe would be good... the little lady is making herself known around the house and can now balance her way across the foot of the brass bed.... amazing balance!