Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cleaning up is one of those things that brings mixed blessings. You may find treasures, dust, mildew, memories and knowledge. Well last week while spending a few days at Bruce Mines I began going through some of Mom's collection of stuff. The pictures below are family shots... mostly before I was around.... I hope you enjoy seeing my aunts, uncles and grandparents as much as I have.
The following shots... in no special order... include all my Aunt Jean's(eanne) and Uncle Bob's (3 sets), Uncle Ross & Aunt Marge, Uncle Ronald, Mom & Dad and of course both sets of grandparents along with Uncle Ernie and Aunt Luella.

George, Ross, Jean and Arthur

George and Ruth on the steps of the house in Toronto (one of the houses)

George, Ross & Bobby

Ross & Marge

Bob & Jeanne

Another Bob & Jean

Mom & Dad

Family shot ...

mmm... serious look Aunt Marge!

Olive, Ronald & Jean

A budding hockey player ....

Such a smile ... it is great!

Arthur, Ruth, Luella, Ernest

Reuben, Ronald & Ethel

Many of those featured in this post are no longer with us... but they are remembered and those memories mold our character cause us to think about the legacy we will leave for future generations. Men and women of character ... many of them characters in their own right... and from the smiles captured here comes the realization that Uncle Al was right when he used to say, "Just remember, young fellow... you are as I am ... and you will be as I am!"