Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Heidi, Esther & Drew, planning the afternoon's activity!! Well, anticipating the activity ... they had the plan... and they executed it very well. It was a treat to see them in action with a school group.
Okay, teachers... Sarah, Chris & Deb ... they had a terrific group of young people from their school... and we enjoyed sharing a little time and of course the facilitator's with them!

And the facilitator's... another day done... time to plan for tomorrow!
More pictures of a visit to Medeba.... later.

So as I go through the other camera... and find pictures from the near past .... I thought some should be posted... Dad looks just a bit pleased with the newest of his Great Grandsons!! And Luke... well he just settled in for nap with Great Grandpa!!

Francis was good enough to bring Dad down for a visit... and we had a good time and a good dinner! Not bad for two folks that bring over a century and a half of life experience! 176 years... to be precise!!

Okay, great grandpa... I'll just lay here while you rub my back.... it has been a long day and I am just beat!

At the other end of the spectrum... here is Eddie as he makes friends with the postal worker. She brings treats for him and then takes a moment to say Hi to Phoebe!!